Mystery Self Love Kit Creation

Mystery Self Love Kit Creation

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What make these Self Love Kits a mystery is the fact that I didn’t create it yet because it’s your creation and I need your help. You tell me what you want the main color in this kit to be but the shade will be a mystery. You choose the length or kind of ENEs but the shape will be a mystery. You choose ENEs with or without designs but if they are matte or glossy will be a mystery. Lastly, all of the other fun items included will be a mystery.


These Self Love Kits are created for the purpose of promoting self care, self compassion, and self love. A great gift for yourself or someone special. Each kit includes a Pick A Color or Pick A Color & Freestyle ENE Set along with other items that may inspire you to feel beautiful, calm down, get creative, focus on self, and feel great. Each kit is unique, one of a kind, and never made the same. I believe whatever kit you get, it was made just for you!


 FYI; Other colors may or may not be included. I will make sure to MOSTLY incorporate the color you chose but it may not be the only color.