“Pick a Color” 10pc or 20pc ENE Hand or Toe Set.

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Want a solid color ENE Set with the selection of your choice? Personalize your experience with a set colored and directed by you and created by me for that flawless and unique look. Pick a color!🤗

 Or if you would like to add designs to your ENEs “Pick a Color & Freestyle” may be for you. This is for those who still want that flawless unique look but with designs and creativity that run wild in freestyle!


About 20pc ENEs

  • 20pc Hand sets and 22pc toe Sets does not require sizing. This Set comes with 2 of each size nail. This means ANYONE can buy and fit them.
  • Please note in the special notes anything you don’t prefer, if any.


About 10pc ENEs

  1. Must include your nail sizes in the special notes for any 10pc hand or toe set. (Only way to know your sizes is with a ENE Sizing Kit).
  2. Type your nail sizes in the order of (Left Hand Thumb-Pinky and Right Hand Thumb-Pinky)
  3. Example; L 12345 R 12345. Or if they are both the same measurements, Type B(Both) and your nail sizes still Thumb-Pinky. Example; B 12345
  4. Name for each finger in the order of Thumb-Pinky; Thumb, Pointer, Middle, Ring, Pinky. This is for your knowledge.
  5. Please note in the special notes anything you don’t prefer, if any.


**Disclaimer Regarding Color Chart**

There is a chance that the color you choose may be a shade or even a few shades different. I do my best to match the color you choose as close as possible but sometimes it may slightly differ. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.