Explicit Nail Enhancements is a one of a kind nail brand that prides itself on quality. Since its founding in 2020 by CEO Ayshinae Hamilton, ENE has been consistently gaining traction and positioning itself as the go-to nail brand within the industry.

Better than your average press-ons, ENE sets are custom made to fit your style and size and built with durability, maximized strength and dependability in mind. What does that mean? ENE sets aren't flimsy, easily bendable or lacking in integrity, they mirror the form, thickness and long lastingness of acrylics without the nail damaging effects. Our quality, consistency and rapport with our customers is unmatched and that's what keeps them coming back.

"I've been into beauty since I was a child but I didn't discover my love for nail design until 2020 after a bit of career searching. At the time I decided I wanted to be a nail tech but was unable to attend school so I started by designing for myself making pre-made sets for different occasions. I began getting compliments on my nails and people would ask “where” or “who” do I go to and I told them I made them myself. Many were surprised that they were in fact press-ons and not acrylics and started asking about my prices which I didn’t have a direct answer for at the time. I eventually decided to start selling them and overtime figured out a way to make the nails more durable and of higher quality. The method I created helped me to steer away from calling them “press-ons” because I didn’t want the stigma that came with that name. Press-ons are known for being cheap and popping off easily but I knew my sets were much more reliable so I came up with the name ‘Explicit Nail Enhancements’. My business has been steadily growing ever since.” 

-Founder & CEO Ayshinae H.

ENE offers custom and non custom sets in multiple shapes and lengths along with matching hand and toe sets. Book your free consultation to begin planning out your custom sets or simply browse the collections for ready made items and cute accessories to accent your look. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what’s new. All questions and Inquiries can be placed by clicking here or sending us a quick email. 

-Happy Enhancing!