“Gifted" Freestyle Custom ENE Hand/Toe Set (Made to Order)

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All ENEs are now made with acrylic and hard gel.
Processing time is 2-7 business days.

This set was a 20pc ENE Hand Set in XLong Square but is sold out. Now it’s available as a Freestyle Custom ENE Set with your choice of the length and shape.

You must size with an ENE Sizing Kit before ordering this set.


You are ordering Gifted  as a 10pc Freestyle Custom ENE Set in the length and shape of your choice. An ENE Sizing Kit is required. Your ENEs will be freestyle designed with “Gifted” being the inspiration of color and designs. Accent nails will vary on hand ENEs. Toe ENEs accent nails will be the big toe only.

If you do not want this set free-styled and you prefer to decide exactly how this set is created then please schedule a consultation.



  1. Have your ENE Sizing Kit ready. Add your sizes in the special notes in the order of thumb-pinky for each hand.
  2. Select the Length & Shape of the sizing kit that you are using.
  3. Add any special requests inside special notes but this will not guarantee these requests being fulfilled! To guarantee special requests please schedule a consultation. 


*The Length & Shape you select for your ENEs to be created in MUST MATCH your ENE Sizing Kit shape & length you are currently using.

*If you do not see your sizing kits length & shape as an option for this set  it means it’s unavailable and cannot be made in that request. Please see details down below.


Harness Energy DETAILS

Inspiration: Gifted 20pc ENE Hand Set

Freestyle Made to Order ENE Set

10pc ENE Hand or Toe Set

Sizing: Required

Length & Shape Displayed: XLong Square

Lengths & Shapes unavailable for this set to be made in: None

Main Nail Color: Red

Designs Used: Gems, Metals, Stickers

Acrylic & Hard Gel will be used to complete this set

Finished with gloss and matte top coat