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ENE Sizing Kit is what you need for any custom 10pc Hand or Toe ENE (Nail) Set. This allows you to choose the correct size for your desired nail shape and length.

For accurate sizing please purchase the sizing kit that match the length and shape that you want to order. Example; you want your nail shape and length to be medium square. So you purchase the Medium Square sizing kit. You measure and write down your sizes. When you’re ready to order your set in Medium Square, you’ll use the measurements from this sizing kit.

 Also keep in mind that if you want a certain length and shape of nails but use a different sizing kits measurements, your set sizes WILL BE INACCURATE and may not fit. For Example; I want a set in Long Ballerina. I order a Long Ballerina Custom set but use my measurements from my Medium Square sizing kit. Now I’ve ordered ENEs that probably won’t fit.

 We are not responsible for your nails not fitting you due to inaccurate sizing. Thank you.